Small Groups session 1
august 20 - october 8
"Embracing exile: living faithfully as God's unique people in the world"
T. Scott Daniels


Small groups at Crawfordsville Nazarene are small, intentional groups meeting  every week during an 8 week session. Each group is led by a facilitator, who works to provide the best atmosphere possible to grow closer together and closer to God. Small groups can be sermon based utilizing a small group devotional that helps to explore the sermon, or book based where we discuss how we are being affected in our personal devotions. These groups are always relational and conversational. We really do believe that we learn best with and through each other, not by answering set questions. We invite you to pray about joining one of these groups. You will not regret it!


Discipleship cannot happen separate from meaningful relationships. Each gathering begins with an extended period of fellowship - having snacks, catching up on the week, laughing, and unwinding with each other after a long day. This is a time to "break the ice" and to genuinely enter into a real relationship with those in your group. Through this, we believe you will develop some of the most treasured relationships in your life!


Most groups are a discussion on how you have encountered God through the sermon and/or the devotional. Some groups may find it helpful to work through the various Scriptures provided and by answering some of the questions on the devotional. Others may evolve into a deeper discussion on a topic or idea that had impacted them through the the sermon. The hope is that we begin to work out our salvation together, deepening our understanding of God and Scripture through each other. Come be impacted and be an impact on others by sharing your story!




This session we will be working through Scott Daniel's book, "Embracing Exile." How do we live faithful lives in an increasingly post-Christian society? Do we run, hide, or complain? Scott's theme of exile is meant to offer "the contemporary church hopeful ways of living as kingdom people in a world that feels more and more strange."

We hope you'll join us this session. It's a timely work for our church, a community in exile, and for each of us as we seek to be faithful followers of Jesus here and now.