It is our deepest desire to be a congregation that looks like our beloved community: a community of diversity across all demographics. We hope that when attending here, every person finds something that they can connect with. We seek to be a blended congregation for a blended community.

Music in Worship

We strive for a blend of modern and traditional music during our worship services. We do this because of our belief that it is not the style of music that makes an impact, but the words and the person you are singing to that makes music powerful.

The Spoken Word

The preaching you will encounter at Cville Naz is narrative in style, theologically sound, and socially challenging. You will not hear political or personal agenda. Instead, you will hear the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus, who loves you and who has given everything to be with you.

Missional Outreach

We are a community minded congregation as well as a globally minded denomination. We are creatively finding ways to bring hope into the lives of people, like teaming with The Women's Resource Center. We also have opportunities to serve the world through the missional work of the global Church of the Nazarene.