Carrie Jones - Kid's Coordinator

Carrie is the mother of three beautiful girls: Lily, Emma, and Margo. She's a second grade teacher at Nicholson Elementary and is the head coach for the boys and girls tennis teams at Crawfordsville High School. She's dramatic, loving, full of energy and a lover of all things Indianapolis Colts!

April Theme:


"We are humans, created by God. And while we are the crowns of God’s creation, we are nothing without our Creator God.

Yet so often, we act like we are God. We allow our pride to take over and forget that any of our strengths or accomplishments would not exist without God. The only proper response in light of God’s greatness is to respond with humility in our interactions with the people around us."

We're looking forward to seeing you!


We meet Sunday mornings during the worship service. All kids (minus nursery) will join us and worship for the first portion of the service and then be dismissed after a brief introduction by Carrie and a prayer over them as they leave.


Helping kids know Jesus one story at a time.



Coming in May!